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Full Moon

Today is the full moon. Two weeks ago we set plans in motion. Today some of those plans are showing fruit. But also plans we’ve had in the works for a long time. The full moon is in Libra. A sign about relationships. How we relate to the people around us. Not just the closest. But everyone around us. This means friends, co-workers, roommates. And yes lovers. Now is a time to think about how these bonds help you. Or hurt you. Do they create growth for you? Are you helping others grow? If the answer is no, then maybe it is time to let some of them go.

Early in the morning is a square with Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn is in the fire sign Sagittarius. And Jupiter in the earth sign Virgo. Our foundations right now might be just ideas. When we interact with the world do we live our ideas. The things we tell ourselves we believe. Do they show up in our service to others. And I use the word service in a broad way. Friendship can be a form of service. If we use it to enrich the other person. Virgo is about this service. About the practical of daily life. This is where Jupiter is pulling us. The large planet wants us to open our hearts. To put into action our words. But Sagittarius is the sign of lofty ideas. The person who imagines a perfect world. But does little to improve the world around them.

Next to come into play is Mercury. Sitting in Aries it will oppose the moon. While our emotions may be open to others. Our mind is focused on ourselves. There is an impulse to improve who we are as people. And this is good. But we can’t grow alone. Connecting to others and the full moon energy is important. Set your sights on being a strong you. So you have the best of yourself to give. This is always a balance. Finding time to nurture you. But also to be there for others.

Another balance is between the sun and moon. The sun also in Aries activates our ego. Later in the day the sun and Mercury align. This adds to a feeling of self first. Our egos may be telling us we don’t need other people today. The lunar eclipse could be a metaphor for this energy. The ego would block out our emotions. While the ego can thrive on its own. We need others for rich emotions. And others need what we have to share. The sun is about our passion. What drives us day to day in life. We need to honor this force. Right now it is in Aries. A sign about going it alone. And there are many parts of the path we do take alone. But we can remain connected to the whole.

A sextile with the moon and Mars occurs mid-morning. Mars acting in the sign of Sagittarius. This pulls us towards ideas. Living in the ideal world in our mind is easy. Mars is the ruler of Aries. And this gives the sun courage. We need these ideas in the world badly. Having Mars in this sign can help us express them. Mars is the warrior. The campaigner. The passionate believer. Use this energy to take ideas from your mind to the world. The world needs these ideas in the world. Not in our heads. Be change, express change, live change.

Early afternoon the sun and Mercury align. These two work together to focus our minds. To bring our passion and our thoughts together. Mercury is the planet of communication. So it may be a good day for sharing your ideas with others. A good day for planning. But it is also a good day for learning. Gaining some knowledge. This can give your passion a good base. Take time to think about new ideas. Find new ways to express your goals. To achieve your dreams. Today is a good day.


Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. The sign of the ram. This sign is one of the most assertive. It takes charge. Take the lead. Doesn’t take time waiting. They can be bold leaders. Or power hungry tyrants. Like all signs there is much to love and fear. But in the case of Aries the loves and fears are bolder.

Aries is an assertive sign – also known as masculine. This assertive energy pushes into the world. It acts on the world before acted upon. With Aries this is the energy of action. They step into the unknown first. They don’t wait for a path. They make a path. When a threat comes, they step up with courage. This makes for strong leaders. Valiant warriors. But this reckless energy can be bad. Aries can rush off before the facts are known. Some danger could be avoided by the ram. If the ram would learn to listen. Aries needs to learn to accept the wisdom of others. At least enough to listen.

Aries is a cardinal sign. Again this points to active energy. This is opposed to fixed and mutable. This energy is formative. It will change. And it will change the world. Aries is a visionary. Or a dictator. A strong will is a part of who Aries is inside.

Ruling over Aries is the planet Mars. This ancient god of War. But also the ruler of the heart. In a new age we can think of Mars in a new light. The warrior who wages battle is ruled by Mars. Think of Alexander. But today we wage different battles. Those who fight against injustice are also ruled by Mars. An example may be Martin Luther King, Jr. His battle was different. And he didn’t fight with arms. But he had a passion in his heart. He took his passion and he created a new world. These are all traits of Aries. And I think of Mars itself in our world.

The phrase which best sums up Aries is: I am. It knows who it is, and what it is in the world. This gives it great courage. And a strength to follow their own path. But can cause them to disregard others. No person is without weakness.

Opposite of Aries is the sign of Libra. Where Aries pushes, Libra retreats. Where Aries is bold, Libra is pale. These signs can learn much from each other. Aries needs to learn balance from Libra. And can teach Libra not to fear action.

As the ruler of the zodiac Aries is connected with the head. People born under this sign should avoid head injury. One key way to do this is to use their head. To take a moment, breathe and think about their actions. Many problems may be causes be impatience. Reckless energy can be a source of many pains.

Aries is associated with diamonds, the color red, Geranium, Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea, thorn-bearing trees and Iron.

Well known Aries people: Maya Angelou, Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, Cesar Chavez, Bette Davis, Hugh Hefner, Billie Holiday, Thomas Jefferson, Elton John, Eugene McCarthy, Leonard Nimoy, Gloria Steinem, Vincent van Gogh

Moon for March 20

Today the moon is in Virgo. The stable sign. It is a grounded day. Time to think about service to others. Take a moment to learn something new. But, something practical. You may feel the need to be of service to others. What you aren’t feeling today is your emotions. This is an earthy sign. And it stills the waters. Early in the morning a creative energy grows. This is the result of Venus and Neptune. If you are creative you may feel the energy flow. If not you may follow the energy into excess. You may have a taste for luxury and escape. But you can choose the creative path. There is still a bit of imagination in all of us. Venus and Neptune align in Pisces. A sign well know for being dreamy. But also for addictive habits. Tonight there is a square with the moon and Mars. Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius. If we took the creative path we step aside. The moody energy passes us. But those on the other path may find problems. Some of which may be health related. The sage is trying to pull us out of our dreams. Every dreamer must also create to be whole. Remember only love is real.

Moon for March 13

Sunday is a day to rest. Early in the day the moon is void of course. It isn’t back until early afternoon. Don’t forget to change the clocks. Most of us have phones and such which do it themselves. Early in the morning is a sun and moon aspect. The two are sextile. The Pisces sun assisting the moon in Taurus. Today’s energy is low. But grounded and nourishing if we can be open. In the middle of the day the moon enters Gemini. The sign of the twins. This energetic sign is full of ideas. In the peace of the morning rest your mind. You will need the mental energy later in the day. Gemini brings you new ideas. And perhaps a new force of will to think of a different path. When the moon squares Venus we focus on ourselves. We can feel alone. Or we can feel independent. We are not alone. Love can never be alone. Use this time to focus on being a better you. In the evening our hearts start to pull on us. The moon is opposite Mars. In the sign of Sagittarius, our hearts pull us toward a bigger picture. Mars is trying to get us into action. And to get us out of our heads. This is when planning moves into reality.

Moon for March 5

Today is a day of change.

The moon goes void of course early. The last aspect is a sextile between Mars and the moon. This gives an emotional hint of what is to come today. Mars is still in Scorpio. And is it stirring deep feelings. It is tempting to look to the past. But be in the moment.

In the morning hours Mercury moves into Pisces. This dreamy sign doesn’t boost Mercury. Take a moment to still your mind. You may find it harder to focus on business. But the urge to create comes out of no where. If you can spend some time alone with your mind. Some time to give it the break it needs. You will be able to focus better. But while Mercury moves through the sign of the fish your mind isn’t going to be as clear. If we can relax we may gain insight or see new points of view. We may even learn how to communicate in a new way.

Later in the day Mars enter Sagittarius. This brings lofty ideas into our hearts. This is a political time of year. And many may feel this as a pull to get involved in the process. This can be donating money. Or it can be reaching out to voters. But it could be anything you may have a passion for now. Mars is the ruler of the heart. And the god of war. A hot tempered fool at times. But never one to step aside when things get tough. Find the leader inside you. We all have this skill to some degree. Find your vision and find a creative way to serve.

In addition to other changes the moon enters Aquarius. This sign of quick thought may push your emotions aside. This can be easier for those who feel their minds are slowed by Pisces. But our emotions serve a purpose and need to be understood. They take time and sometimes Aquarius can be in a rush. What we need is the different point of view of Aquarius. Use this side of the sign to understand your emotions in a new way.

Late in the day Saturn will square the sun. If we are moving towards our passion. Or if we are finding a creative outlet. We will need to be aware of our limits. Don’t let what we think we can’t do hold us back. But over reaching can result in a wounded pride. Our ego feels restricted by this square. So it may need more coaching than normal. But at the same time, it will feel more wounded by failure. Saturn is in Sagittarius. This will help expand our vision of what is possible.

Moon for Feb. 24

Today the moon starts in Virgo. In the morning it goes void of course. This is after a meeting with Mars. This is an early sextile. Mars and the moon work together to help you. Today is a good day for acting on your emotions. A path can be found to serve your own needs. But also serve the needs of others. The Mars energy brings a will and energy. And the moon an emotional clearness. After this the moon enters Libra in the afternoon. The Libra moon is more social. We form bonds with those around us today. We are pulled out of our shells. Service to others was a start. Mars energy could spice up those bonds. This is the last major aspect of the day. But there is an aspect first thing tomorrow. This is a two planet aspect. Mercury is in a sextile with Saturn. We may start to feel this tonight. Coming out of Virgo ruled by Mercury. A path lays ahead to follow our ideas. But at the same time do so with respect to our limits.

Moon for Feb. 19

Our hearts open as the sun enters Pisces. The water sign makes us feel close. This is the last sign of the zodiac. And it feels the pull of the next world. Take this time to be still. Listen to the wind. At the cusp of Aquarius we still feel its pull. Pisces is a water sign. Like Cancer and Scorpio. This connects it to emotions. But also to intuition. To a spirit and energy which flows. Like Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius it is mutable. This makes it the most perceptive. Also it changes faster than any other sign. Finally it is a passive sign – versus an active one. All these traits create the image of the sage. Many born under this sign have a feel of wisdom. They have an aura of being old souls. We feel the energy which connects us all today. The moon enters Leo today. This is an expressive sign. A self assertive sign. This creates an interesting mix. The moon in the sign ruled by the sun. And the sun in a water sign with a strong connection to the moon. Our masks may be inside out today. We may show more than we wish, and feel we are putting on a great show. Those who have secrets to hide may see them come out. Avoid acting on an emotional need for attention. Early in the day the moon sextiles Jupiter. This brings a buoyancy to our day. We may feel a strong believe in humanity. But don’t be blind to those rare people who wish to cheat you. This is followed be a trine with Mars. The planet Mars is in Scorpio. A trine between Mars and the moon adds an emotional energy to the day. Mars is ready for action. Restless to lead into a new world. But today is not a day for action. For the moon is void of course most of the day.

Moon for Feb. 14

Happy Valentine’s Day. The moon has not changed signs. It is in Taurus. This is an earth sign. A practical sign. Find a real way to express your love today. Avoid the grand gestures. Make it simple stupid. Early in the day we get the moon trine with Pluto. This brings strong emotions. And could result in changes in a relationship. Or in your business life. There is a moon trine with Jupiter next. This brings hope. It boosts our faith. We believe deeper in our bonds. We hold each other closer and believe in the future. Mars and the moon oppose each other next. This could sway moods. People may be a bit touchy. Try and not let small issues bother you. Hold to your love. Hold to what is true in you and the other person. Only love is real. As the day ends we get a sun and moon square. This could make us feel detached from our emotions. We feel in conflict with ourselves. And we may project this feeling on others. Today is a day of love though. So hold your own luggage. Look past your fears at the love around you.

Moon for Feb. 13

Mercury enters a new sign today. The sign of Aquarius. It leaves an earth sign. And moves into an air sign. Our outlook will be changing today. New ideas appeal to us more. We have been so focused. But it is time to think outside the box. Mercury is the ruler of the mind. The messenger of the gods. It also rules communication. It is the planet which shapes our outlook on the world. Our ideas about ourselves and others. It is the ruler of education and medicine. The sign of Aquarius makes it own rules. This air sign is mental. Like all the air signs. This empowers Mercury as it passes. But it is shifting. Those ruled by Aquarius are often at the forefront of trends. If only because they pick up and drop so many. Aquarius is a fixed sign. This means it isn’t swayed by others. Invent a new tool today. A new way of living. Or a new path for yourself. Think about involving people in your plans today. Open your life more to those around you. Mercury will encourage you toward this end. Early in the morning the moon will be in square to Mercury. This moon is still in Aries. A sign which may not be ready for new ideas. Aries is so much about action. On an emotional level you may feel restless. Then an hour later the moon enters Taurus. The sign of the bull is practical. It puts a damper on the wild ideas of Aquarius. Don’t let the bull put out your flame. But listen to the message of caution it sends. Mars is sextile Jupiter. This can put a bit of a charge into some relationships. Most of all those of a sexual nature. Which could be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Late in the day Neptune sextiles the moon. At last you feel a comfort with change. This deep planet can ease your fears. With its long memory. And deep insight. You get a wider and deeper point of view.

Moon for Feb. 10

There is a lot of activity today. Moon is in Pisces. Early on it squares Saturn. This will ground us today. The moon in Pisces is dreamy. But the planet Saturn helps to wake us. Later a sextile with Pluto brings a deep perspective. This outer planet is always on the other side. But by being far away it holds a grander vision. Look for this big picture. A shared vision. As the day starts Mars will trine the moon. This can charge us to fight for our dreams. To give our hearts. Or it can trigger fears. We either fight or flight. Around mid-day Jupiter opposes the moon. Today is a day to think about career. Set your goals high today. But keep grounded. Jupiter could encourage blind faith. A reckless ambition. Next are two sextiles. One with Venus and the moon. This will happen just after the middle of the day. Love could be a focus again. Your values and your emotions come close. There is a need to reach out to friends. Or to meet new people. Be open to love. Late in the day is sextile with Mercury. This will bring an expression to your dreams. Mercury is the gods messenger. Use this ability to cross realities to bring your dreams to the rest of us. Remember only love is real.