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The Hermit

The Hermit stands alone. But isn’t lonely. The Hermit shares a truth. But not The Truth. The Hermit’s light shines on the path. But it isn’t your path. Not even his own path.

The figure of The Hermit stands a top the mountain. Holding a light for those who walk the path. Being at the top means knowing the path. And being able to assist others in reaching the top. When we take the path less traveled. It is a lonely journey at times. Finding The Hermit brings us back to connection. We see how another has gone before. While they were on their own path. They shared experiences we have on our own path.

The light of The Hermit is wisdom. This has been gained through the years. The Hermit shares it with you. With all who follow their own paths to truth. The figure in the card is old and wears a grey robe. These point to the years of wisdom to be shared. But we need to be careful. The light shines only on a turn, or a pass along the path. If we stay in the light of The Hermit we lose our own growth.

While it is a relief to find a friend. We cannot stay in their shelter forever. Our paths are still less traveled. And this means they are still mostly alone. So as we accept the truth of the Hermit. We push forward in finding our own truth. We go on into the dark knowing there are other Hermits. One day we may see a fellow traveler, and shine a light on their path. But we must first leave the light.

In the last card we found strength. One of the most introspective cards in the deck. If The Hermit hadn’t found the strength he wouldn’t have a light to share. Knowing the wisdom and truth of the path isn’t easy. As we pass The Hermit we must see our own strength. If we hadn’t found the strength we wouldn’t be able to see the light. We have the will to get this far. And if we continue as we should it can take us further.

The card is number nine. As as such represents a conclusion. It is an achievement. While there are distances ahead of us. We may have made the hardest choice of all. The choice to take the path less traveled. While some choose to go back. The light of The Hermit is a beacon calling us onward. Nine is connected to the number six. In The Lovers we made a choice. This was the first active step in our lives. All paths start choice. Now at nine we continue on the path. The Hermit is a guide to motivate and encourage.

The figure of The Hermit is alone because in the struggles of life we are all alone. We each have our unique paths. And we cannot follow The Hermit. It would be no good for us, and The Hermit would not allow it. One day when we are The Hermit we will not allow it. Because like the saying in the east. If you meet the Buddha on the road: kill him. He knows you be lost on his path, and put him off his own truth.

But in the next card we encounter The Wheel of Fortune. Life and fate may turn the tables on us. If we hold the light of the Hermit in our heart we are fine. We see the events of life pass like the storms. Some are rough, and some cause damage. But none last forever. We see how alone we can be in the world. But the truth of The Hermit prepared us to be alone. The Strength of The Hermit helps us as The Wheel of Fortune turns. And turns and turns.

What this card is telling you today is someone may be helping you. If your path feels dark and alone. There might be a light on the turn ahead. But it is also telling us to look behind us. If we turn around we may see someone struggling even more. And they may need our light to guide them through the hard moments. Turn your light to others and believe others are ahead to share their light with you.

An older person may help you in some way. Or as above, you may be the one who assists a younger traveler. It could be both. You can look at your own life and if you see darkness shine the light. Where you feel weak, others also feel weak. Stand in the gap and offer what you have to them. It is a truth of the universe, you have what you give. When you give light, you have light. When you give strength, you have strength.

So look for those who offer wisdom. And look for those who need wisdom. And know you are not alone.

Nine of Swords

The darkness sits in the room. Like a second person. But there isn’t a second person. We’ve done wrong. Sinned against ourselves and God. No one is ever going to love us again. This is hell.

The Nine of Swords is as close as it comes to total defeat. We sit in our shame. And events from the past are relived in our mind. The woman at work. The person in traffic. An ex-lover, a former boss or even parents and family play their roles. The mind in this card is turned on itself. It cannot stop thinking about sins. For hours as you try to rest. It brings us image after image. Even after event from the past. And you know there is no forgiveness. How could there be when you can’t even forgive yourself.

In the last we had the eight of swords. We were bound, powerless. We couldn’t move. And maybe we cannot forgive ourselves now for allowing this to happen. But we need to be gentle with ourselves. If we had known better. We would have done better. Look back and understand it is past. Don’t be a victim to the past.

In this card we see a person sitting in bed. They weep openly. Their face covered by their hands. They can’t even face their shame. They are wearing a shapeless piece of clothing. We have lost ourselves in our sorrow. Our depression has taken over our lives. Its voice is all we hear in our head now. But it can change.

Above the figure nine swords sit on the wall. They are there like trophies. We focus so much on our failings. Winners put trophies on their walls of success. And we put our failures in the same place of honor. We may not have real trophies. But we obsess about them all the same. Our favorite sad songs sing in the back of our minds. And we fall again and again and again.

But this isn’t real. Go back to the moment honestly. You will see a person trying the best they can. If they didn’t love themselves at the time. It is all the more reason you should love them now. And love yourself now. Remember only love is real.

In the next card we have the Ten of Swords. The darkest card in the deck. It is total defeat. Not even death is as dark as this night. We become broken, lost and lonely figures in the world. But this doesn’t have to be our fate.

This card is trying to wake you up from the dream. There are things in your life you can change. Get up and change them before it is too late. And there are things you cannot change. Just learn to accept these things. Move on to the battles you can win. Of course the hardest part is knowing which is which. If there is a battle you are fighting. This is the time to ask yourself if you are failing. And if it would be better to let it go than to go on with the struggle. Or it may be you need to let the past go. We’ve all fallen down. All had broken hearts. All of us had dreams which didn’t come about in this life. And we all no doubt will again. This is the life we choose to live. And the more we focus on the mud, the less we can see the flowers.

This card is a dark card. But the darkness is inside of you. And all you have to do it turn on a light. The magical light always at your fingertips is called forgiveness. It means you forgive yourself. And you forgive others. They did not mean to harm you. What they did, was what they felt was the best. When it hurts it is hard to see the truth. And when it hurts it is hard to let it go. The biggest problem with this card is the pain never goes away. This card is telling you forgiveness will take the pain away forever. Then you can let it go. Let it go and allow yourself to heal.

Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands is not an easy card. We are holding ourselves back. We stand guard. But there is no threat. There can be only love. Only love is real. The unreal can never be a threat.

We have carried many wounds. A lifetime of guilt. And shame. It is time to let it go. The suit of wands descends towards doom. Wands represent fire. They are energy. Here the energy is turned against ourselves. We almost completely believe our failure. In the next card we do. And we are overwhelmed. But there is a gap.

We stand in the gap. We are the jail keeper. And the prisoner. The moment we let the past go. Is the moment we let ourselves go. There is a lot of past energy in nines. We create the same world today. As the world we created yesterday. But we can create a different world. We just need to believe.

In the card before this we had the eight of wands. A card of rapid moving energy. Maybe we now feel we moved to fast in the past. Or we let something go by us. We feel stuck in an eternal moment of loss. We do not see the truth. The truth is love.

When you think about yourself. Think about love. Love yourself. Let it all go, everything but love.

The nine of swords is a card of deep regret. Our minds can’t rest. This restless energy is present here too. Our souls can’t rest. In the nine of pentacles we have wealth. The material gains from past investments.

There is a loneliness to these cards. We face our depression alone. We face the troubles of our hearts alone. Or more importantly, we feel alone. But you can never be alone in a world where all is one.

The nine of wands is telling you to come down. You don’t have to be the knight in shinning armor. You don’t have to be the hero. There is something in your life making you anxious. Let it go. It is beyond your control. The hardest thing isn’t always to hold on. But sometimes to let go. Or to know when to let go.

Don’t fight the battle alone anymore. Open your heart. Stop standing in the doorway. Let someone else into your heart. It is you. And only you blocking the way. You and only you make the choice to be alone.

The figure in the nine of cups is alone. The figure in the nine of pentacles is alone. Some may see the glamour in both these cards. But the loss in them is their isolation. No happiness is complete alone.

If you are seeing this card, there is time. Whatever is causing you stress. Or anxiety. Take a moment to question. Is it worth the pain. The loss. Being alone. It probably isn’t.

Remember only love is real.

The Hermit

The Hermit goes deep. Goes it alone. And goes the furthest. But never goes alone. Wisdom and knowledge is the gold of The Hermit. But a gold shared freely.

Nine is the last number before 10. It is almost complete. But not yet. In some ways this makes it the most human number. We are so close to God. All we have to do is see ourselves correctly. But we don’t. We feel incomplete and this makes us incomplete.

In the Bible is a story of Methuselah. He walked with God. Until one day he didn’t come back. This is The Hermit.

Not all of us can be The Hermit. And not all of us should be this lone character. But we all gain. The Hermit stands at a turn in the road. Having been down the path, he knows the path. He stands with a light. Sharing wisdom with those who come after. But The Hermit is a calm voice. And many rush down the path so fast. They don’t see the light. Or hear the call of warning. They face dangers which could have been avoided.

Going alone isn’t easy. People imagine The Hermit is different. Disconnected from the rest of us. But the only difference is their strength.They can go out and still be with us. No one is alone. They are the deepest connected beings. Not just with God, but with us. It is this connection which allows them to be guides. They know the dangers on the path. And they know our hearts. And the dangers there as well.

On the card we see an old man. The face is turned from us. But we see a nose and a long beard. The beard of a sage. The figure is hooded and wears a cloak. In hand is a lamp. Not held close. But extended to cast light for another. If you are The Hermit then remember your light is for the world. If you are not, then trust the source of the light is God.

This card ends the first cycle of ten cards in the tarot. In the next card, number 10, we see ourselves. For the first time in the journey. The Wheel of Fortune. If we take the sage advice, we can carry our own light. It will take us through the turns of fate. Because “this too shall pass.”

In the card before we saw Strength. It is a struggle within ourselves where we become strong. This is what enables The Hermit to go into the darkness on the trail. And enables The Hermit to be a light. If we are still ruled by our ego. We cannot be alone. We cannot be the light others need. If we cling to our ego, we will not listen to the guides voice. We will not stop for his light. And we will fall.

This card could represent you. Are you entering a stage of solitude. Where you explore your own darkness. Like Carl Jung’s Dark Night of the Soul. Maybe you are going to be sharing your wisdom with someone. We all have life wisdom. Because we have all had rough lives. Not even the most rich and most blessed have been safe from pain. Or safe from suffering. We all have wounds.

Or it could be someone entering your life to assist you. There may be a guide along your path soon. If you feel lost, have hope. Help is on the way. A light we guide you, and teach you. But remember the source of the light is God. It is never you. And it is meant for others. Take the light. Hold the light. But always share the light.

In the end we are all a bit of The Hermit. And a bit of the lost soul. Trust yourself to know when to give wisdom. But also when to accept.

Nine of Cups

As a cups card, this speaks to an emotional place. It speaks to a spiritual place. The person in this card is happy. It represents a point of completion. The suit of cups took us on an emotional trip. Through the loss of the 5 of cups. And the dreams and desires of the 7 of cups.

The card before this was the eight of cups. In the eight of cups we turned away from the illusions. The emotional and spiritual lies of need. And as a result in the nine of cups we find joy.

But this is a different type of happiness. We are less attached to it than before. We are learning to experience it and release it. Nines are powerful cards in the tarot.

The Hermit is nine. The one who has gained wisdom and learned to share. In the nine of swords we see someone learning to release their past. The nine of cups is about letting your happiness go.

The next card is the 10 of cups. Which is nirvana. It is the total bliss we have been seeking. We may have not known it was what we hungered for all along.

But we aren’t there yet. In the nine the person is alone. In the 10 we share the happiness. We are taking important steps on the journey of love. But true love is only love when it is shared.

In nine we are experiencing this love inside ourselves. And this is an important step. After turning away from the illusions in eight. We see the source of love has always been inside of us. And knowing this is the source, allows us to give with abundance.

But first we must learn to give to ourselves. This card can be someone who got stuck. They have learned love. And they have learned it’s source. But they haven’t learned to share. They still believe they can hold love. They are acting like a child. And the nine of cups calls them to be open.

We are not single drops of rain in storm. We are drops of the ocean of bliss. And the small happiness we can experience as drops of rain. It is vastly overwhelmed by the ocean of bliss. We are all one. And the nine of cups is reminding us to be open.

The hermit has gone out alone. But a true hermit still knows they are one with all. They are on an inward journey. A different path with its own wisdom. And without the light of sharing the wisdom, it is useless.

Love is for sharing. It can’t be said enough. Yes, self love is important. But it is only a step on the path. You can see the person on the card is happy.

We strive too often for happiness in the world. Like the seven of cups. But the happiness we seek, is the love we seek. And we already have the love we seek.