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Ace of Pentacles

The Aces are seeds. This makes them easy to understand. But hard at the same time. There is so much raw energy. And potential.

The Ace of Pentacles may really be a seed. It is Spring time. A new beginning. The trite answer would be a marriage or a new job. There is nothing wrong with these. But they aren’t the full picture. Because it could be many things.

What we know is Pentacles is about the earth. It is about bringing into manifestation. The element of earth covers a wide area. From the money we earn in our lives. To the family and friends we love. Down to the art projects we create or the things we buy. A new house would be a new start in earth. And yes so would be a new job.

Sometimes we plant a seed and we don’t know what will grow. Yes, most farmers know they plant corn, or wheat. But there is still so much uknowns. Just because it is planted doesn’t mean it will grow. Just because it is watered doesn’t mean it will grow. And even if it does grow. There is no certainty of success. A cold snap could threaten. Or bugs could consume. Fires burn and rains flood our growing plants. Our plans face many risks as they emerge in the world.

And the Ace of Pentacles is all about the potential. But also about these risks. The next card in the deck is the Two of Pentacles. Sometimes our plans are either helped or harmed by other’s plans. Some people will have plans which support our own. And some will not. As we enter into the world with our seeds. We seek out allies. But even allies won’t support us 100 percent. Because they have their own paths. And those paths are not our paths. We may walk together for a time. But we always walk alone in the end.

And the truth of this is seen in the number one. We start alone. And in the end we are alone again. Even when we have friends and family in our lives. There are spaces inside ourselves where they cannot touch. But these spaces are ours. and they are meant to be ours.

At the end of this journey is home, family, wealth and success. These are the things which bring happiness, right? Maybe, but not always. It has to be the right family and friends for us. And wealth in itself is only part of the path to pleasure. While success is good. The wrong type of success is empty. We must do our own dharma and not another’s. Today with the planting of the seed is where we start. We are not farmers and don’t know 100 percent what crop our seed will grow. But if we plant with love. A love for ourselves and others. Then if we tend it with care and thought. We grow the happiness which will be of real value to our lives.

And if a crop isn’t right? A farmer might burn it, or turn it back into the soil. We must not be afraid to start over in our lives. Don’t put more and more resources into a wasted future. Since the plants return to the soil they feed the next plan. We may start over. But we do not start from zero.

This card for many may be a point of starting over already. You’ve lost something of real value. And now you begin to heal. As we heal, as we grow, as we plan. Listen to your body. One of my favorite new tricks is flipping a coin for answer. Take something you are 50-50 about and assign one to heads or tails. Then flip the coin in the air a fair height. While it is still in the air your body will be rooting for one or the other. If you think heads and there is a tension. You know what the answer is already.

Ace of Swords

A new idea is born. Today we have the Ace of Swords. A new journey begins. One of the mind. But the path is far from easy. In the end it may take us to a place of defeat.

Swords is the zone of the mind. Our intellect and mental framework of the world. It is how we view our place in the world. The thoughts which guide and create our lives. In its pure form this card is about meditation. Take a moment to bring your mind to a point of still thought.

On the card we see one sword. When our minds are focused they are sharp. They can be our greatest weapon. Or they can be our greatest defeat. Aside the sword grows two white roses. When we take the time to create stillness in our mind. We can achieve a purity of thought and action. We think our thoughts are outside our control. And we control our actions. But we direct our thoughts. And our thoughts direct our actions. Be careful what you think.

It is this warning which makes meditation so important. Our minds can be our servants. They were given to us to serve our interests. But they can also run lose like monkeys and drive us crazy. We need to control our own minds. If we don’t something else will. And without focus our mind creates chaos. Because the mind can only create what is knows.

When your mind knows peace. It will create peace. When your mind knows love, it will create love. Feed your mind on the things of love and peace. And your thoughts will be of love and peace. If you feed it on the things of hate and fear. Your thoughts will be of hate and fear. You can dream of love, or you can dream about illusion.

This card is telling you about a new idea in your life. It is too soon to tell if the idea is good or bad. Take the idea in hand and play with it. Like a new sword. Test the strength and flexibility of the idea. But do not own it yet. It is too young and unformed. Wait for the idea to develop. Watch and see as it changes. And take the time to meditate on the new idea and what it means for your life. Does this idea serve to bring more love into your life. Or does it serve to bring you more hate and fear.

If an idea is grounded in truth, then it must be grounded in love. Because anything other than love is a lie.

If you have not encountered the new idea. Chances are you will soon. It is at the point of newness when being still can be the hardest. But it is also the most important. Still your mind, act from a place of stillness in yourself. Do not react to the world. Do not be pushed into a mistake just because it is exciting. Every idea is new at some point in the world. And this idea may be new to you. But it doesn’t make it a good idea.

I can’t say enough how important meditation is at this point. The sword in the photo is the mind. And like the sword in the photo when our minds are still. Then our minds are ready for action. They are ┬ánot tired, or distracted or unavailable. Rest your sword, still your mind. Because if this new idea may just need your complete focus. This could be a life changing moment. An idea which could change the world.

And a final note is even the right ideas can end in defeat. We may put too much of ourselves into these ideas. Or we may invest too little. Some hold on to an idea long past its usefulness. The last card in the suit of swords is the ten of swords. And in this card we find ourselves defeated by our own minds. Today is the point where we make choices to avoid this end. Or we make choices which ensure our defeat. It isn’t just about the right idea, but the right time and the right effort.

The true swordsman doesn’t carry a sword is an old saying. Take up an idea which serves you. And put it down when it serves you no longer. Known when you need the next idea, it will be ready. But if your hands are full of ideas from the past. You will not be ready.

The Magician

The Magician is card one. With this card the trip starts. The Fool is the journey. Or is it ourselves. We meet The Magician at our door step. Like Bilbo Baggins. An adventure awaits. The adventure of life.

The Magician stands solid on the ground. One hand extends to the sky. In it is a wand. The wand is The Magician’s tool. It is the tool used to channel energy. It is used to direct focus. In this case it is directing the energy from the sky. The Magician is drawing down magic. Because the source of all magic is the one. And the strongest magic is love.

The Magician’s other hand points to the ground. The energy coming from the sky. Is sent to the ground. What The Magician does is take unseen energy, and make it seen. The energy of the universe. Is channeled into form. We are all magicians. Because we create this world as a shadow of our will. We make choices. And set up beliefs and ideas about the world. These choices. These ideas and beliefs. They become our world. Where The Magician is different is focus. We fail to focus, and often focus on failure.

The Magician is wearing two garments. The outside is red. A color of passion. Show the world your passion. Be passionate. But underneath the passion keep your pure heart. We see this purity in the white garment worn close to the skin. This is a reminder we are made of love, and will always be love. A purple belt ties the inner garment. This is a reminder of our status as children of God.

On the table are a cup, a sword, a pentacle and a staff. These are the symbols for the four elements. But also for the four suits of the tarot. The Magician gives us all the tools we need. Tools for our emotions, cups. Tools for our mind, swords. Tools for the material realm, pentacles. And tools for our energy, staff. These are all the tools we need. Once we have learned their power. We will be unstoppable. Which is to say, we will no longer stop ourselves. These tools are on the table between the viewer and The Magician. They are a gift given to all of us.

Above The Magician’s head is the symbol of infinity. This is a reminder from where our power comes. And a reminder of its unlimited nature. We are one with God. And God puts no limits on love. The greatest power of all.

Around The Magician are red roses. These are a reflection of the rose from The Fool. It is our senses. They have increased our passion. But also made them more personal. We have lost a purity in our passion. But gain a focus. The rose itself is a symbol for love. But at this point in our journey will still can’t see pure love. So we see our attached love.

The Magician is calling you to explore your power. You have skills you are not using. Tools are available to you. And you let them lay around. The universe is inviting you to grow. It is encouraging you to take your power back. It wants you to be the best you possible. The universe can give you the tools. But it cannot give you the will. You need to take the wand. Focus your mind. Change yourself and your world for the better.

The Magician can transform many things. But the greatest magician transforms themselves. This card is calling for you to take this step. You are being given the magic. And the tools to make a change. End a relationship you have outgrown. Quit a job below your ability. Discover a new skill or talent. Develop an old skill or talent in a new way.

This card is about being born into your life. We are born over and over. And it can be painful. But recall the beauty of a bigger life on the other side. Just do it. Because you are made of love. You will always be love. And you deserve to be your best. The world deserves your best.

The Magician

In the tarot deck the first and last card is the fool. The number one card is the Magician.

In this card we see a person with four symbols around. One for each of the minor arcana. The magician has all the tools needed to perform magic.

The table of the magician has cups, wands, swords and pentacles. And his journey will require an emotional strength and wisdom (cups). A passion and energy (wands) to drive him forward will be crucial. He will need his mind, his creative talents, the ability to focus. He will need ideas on this journey (swords). And not the least of all he will need a strong body, he will need many material resources (pentacles).

But the magician seems disengaged. Standing with arms at the side and eyes unfixed. The card itself if reminding us of the power and the skill we have at our use.

The number one represents the beginning. A seed, and egg. The first number. The alpha. The journey of a thousand miles, which begins with one step.

In the fool card before we were falling into our destiny. We stepped blind off a cliff. Maybe it was a choice of faith. But in the magician we have our eyes open. We see the tools we need to use before us on the table. And we will need them all in this journey.

The magician’s journey is the hero’s journey. The path we all take to become ourselves. We can never lose or find ourselves. But as a part of a single God of love, we create ourselves. The universe, or God, or nature, give us the tools to create our success.

The challenge of self-creation is not one challenge. It is a journey of small journeys. Which is why The Fool is the start and the end of the tarot. When we think we are at the end, we are fools.

This card tells us to be prepared for a new challenge. A new challenge entering our lives. One which will provide us with new tools. One where we will develop new skills and sharped old skills. And the challenge may scare us, but we should have faith. We have the skills, we have the tools, we have what it will take to succeed.

Above our magician is an infinity sign. It speaks to the infinite power the magician has to use. The universe is waiting in the wings for what the magician calls into existence. As it is on earth, so shall it be in heaven.

The next card in the deck is the high priestess. The magician may have the tools. And the magician has the power. But something more is needed on this journey. The magician’s powers are active powers. The High Priestess shares the power of the earth itself. A listening and passive power. It takes an active force to begin the journey. But a strong passive force to continue.