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The Hermit

The Hermit stands alone. But isn’t lonely. The Hermit shares a truth. But not The Truth. The Hermit’s light shines on the path. But it isn’t your path. Not even his own path.

The figure of The Hermit stands a top the mountain. Holding a light for those who walk the path. Being at the top means knowing the path. And being able to assist others in reaching the top. When we take the path less traveled. It is a lonely journey at times. Finding The Hermit brings us back to connection. We see how another has gone before. While they were on their own path. They shared experiences we have on our own path.

The light of The Hermit is wisdom. This has been gained through the years. The Hermit shares it with you. With all who follow their own paths to truth. The figure in the card is old and wears a grey robe. These point to the years of wisdom to be shared. But we need to be careful. The light shines only on a turn, or a pass along the path. If we stay in the light of The Hermit we lose our own growth.

While it is a relief to find a friend. We cannot stay in their shelter forever. Our paths are still less traveled. And this means they are still mostly alone. So as we accept the truth of the Hermit. We push forward in finding our own truth. We go on into the dark knowing there are other Hermits. One day we may see a fellow traveler, and shine a light on their path. But we must first leave the light.

In the last card we found strength. One of the most introspective cards in the deck. If The Hermit hadn’t found the strength he wouldn’t have a light to share. Knowing the wisdom and truth of the path isn’t easy. As we pass The Hermit we must see our own strength. If we hadn’t found the strength we wouldn’t be able to see the light. We have the will to get this far. And if we continue as we should it can take us further.

The card is number nine. As as such represents a conclusion. It is an achievement. While there are distances ahead of us. We may have made the hardest choice of all. The choice to take the path less traveled. While some choose to go back. The light of The Hermit is a beacon calling us onward. Nine is connected to the number six. In The Lovers we made a choice. This was the first active step in our lives. All paths start choice. Now at nine we continue on the path. The Hermit is a guide to motivate and encourage.

The figure of The Hermit is alone because in the struggles of life we are all alone. We each have our unique paths. And we cannot follow The Hermit. It would be no good for us, and The Hermit would not allow it. One day when we are The Hermit we will not allow it. Because like the saying in the east. If you meet the Buddha on the road: kill him. He knows you be lost on his path, and put him off his own truth.

But in the next card we encounter The Wheel of Fortune. Life and fate may turn the tables on us. If we hold the light of the Hermit in our heart we are fine. We see the events of life pass like the storms. Some are rough, and some cause damage. But none last forever. We see how alone we can be in the world. But the truth of The Hermit prepared us to be alone. The Strength of The Hermit helps us as The Wheel of Fortune turns. And turns and turns.

What this card is telling you today is someone may be helping you. If your path feels dark and alone. There might be a light on the turn ahead. But it is also telling us to look behind us. If we turn around we may see someone struggling even more. And they may need our light to guide them through the hard moments. Turn your light to others and believe others are ahead to share their light with you.

An older person may help you in some way. Or as above, you may be the one who assists a younger traveler. It could be both. You can look at your own life and if you see darkness shine the light. Where you feel weak, others also feel weak. Stand in the gap and offer what you have to them. It is a truth of the universe, you have what you give. When you give light, you have light. When you give strength, you have strength.

So look for those who offer wisdom. And look for those who need wisdom. And know you are not alone.


In the Tarot deck Strength is the eighth card. If you take a look at the tree of life. The Qabalah names the eighth spot Hod. This means glory. I could tell you every thing about the card now. The glory and strength of God is love. Your glory and strength is love.

When you look at the deck you see a figure. They hold the mouth of the lion. This lion is our impulses. The conflicting energies from the last few cards. It is our human nature. My aunt use to say tell me how the spirit was willing. But the flesh was weak. The lion is the flesh. It is strong in its weakness. The figure doesn’t hold the lion’s mouth shut.

While we shouldn’t be ruled by our impulses. We do need to respect their voices. They are a part of who we are, a part of God. The messages they give contain lessons. Important lessons if we take the time to listen. But we need to know when to follow these voices. And we to let them go. If we don’t listen to them. If we don’t understand. Then we could either be capricious. Or miss out on the meaning they offer our lives.

The balance is important. We develop strength. Loving ourselves is an example of a hard lesson. It isn’t easy to love each other. And in some ways even harder to love ourselves honestly. An honest self-love doesn’t think we are perfect. It knows we have faults. And it knows where we are weak. But an honest self-love also knows we are children of God. We are expressions of Love. A piece of the glory of God. Only love is real.

There may be no greater strength than honest self-love. Because we so easily slide to arrogance or self-loathing. And to many arrogance may appear to be self-love. But at a real level self-love isn’t arrogant. Because it feels no need to impress. There is no desire to hold influence over other minds.

The figure on the card wears white. It takes a pure heart to love. A pure heart and spirit to wrestle with the lion. The flowers in the figure’s hair and around the waist express a blooming strength. Love is pure goodness or it isn’t love at all. And it is growing all around us. If we open our eyes we will see. If we open our pure hearts we will see.

The figure of infinity hangs in the sky above the figure’s head. Another connection to the number 8. This symbol last seen above the magician shows the source of our power. We have an unlimited supply of love. And love is the only strength. Love is the only power. We tap into the source of all. We connect with the universe and God. All when we choose to love.

Aleister Crowley named this card Lust. When we love our lives we have a lust for living. The word Lust has been betrayed. The most real Lust is Love. When we love our lives deeply. We have a lust to be alive. When we love ourselves and others deeply. There is a lust to connect on a real level. Not just the rubbing together of fleshy bodies. But the touching of souls. When we Love radically we are showing how strong we are in our spirit. We live in a body, but we are not a body. Others live in bodies but are not bodies. Lust for bodies is a weak and shallow lust.

What this card is tell you today is gather your strength. A challenge awaits you in the near future. But you have the tools. And you have the strength to overcome these mountains. Find the source of all Love inside of you. Then you can not lose. The glory of God will take you any where you want to go. The glory of yourself will take you no where. Remember as you move forward to stay focused. Recall the source of your energy. Connect with it often.

This card is telling you: you’ve got this. But it isn’t telling you it will be easy. When in doubt of what the you should do next. Choose to love even more. This card is alerting you to the fact you’ll need this love. Or maybe it is encouraging you to find this love in your current struggles. Love in a radical and free way. Love yourself for making mistakes, and for making growth. Whatever others have done, or do to you. Love them for being broken, hurt and lost souls like yourself. Ongoing abusive behavior has to stop. Because this isn’t love. But walking away is a step of love too.

The Chariot

We have made our choice. We are on our mission. But it isn’t so simple. In every card so far we see a polarity. In The Lovers there is the choice. In The Hierophant and the High Priestess the two pillars. The Emperor is perched on a thrown with two solid arms. And in The Empress we have life and death. The Magician brings us the energy of heaven and earth. So now we come to the point of union. In this card we merge these forces.

Everything which came before goes into this card. With the choice made in the last card we move forward. We are Arjuna on the battlefield of our life. And like Arjuna we need to focus. We need to bring together all the energies of life and death. Of black and white, and up and down. Unite them to a single purpose. In some decks this is called the card of victory. And it foreshadows The Sun card near the end of our journey.

The story of Phaëton comes to mind. He was the son of Helios. There are several versions of the story. But the key point is he takes his father’s chariot. But like many his hands were weak in the reins. When the horses sense this they take control. The rider is at their whim. They surge across the sky, and burn the land. This card calls for a firm hand. A strong focus.

On the card itself we see two sphinxes. One is black and one is white. This shows the polarity we transcend. The driver sits above these two figures. And sits in the middle. Being drawn to either side with take away from their focus.

Behind the figure is a river and a city. It reminds me of Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon. We have crossed a point of no return and we need to commit. In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna needs a friend. Lord Krishna is this friend. And becomes he guide. He can’t afford to hesitate he tells Arjuna. And we can’t either. When the path is clear, we must take action.

Arjuna is concerned about family. He has family on both sides of the war. How can I kill these men, he asks Krishna. And we may have concerns of our own. Maybe we feel like we are pushing others down. As we lift ourselves up. Or it may just be we don’t want to see a conflict. But Krishna tells him to live his dharma. “It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.” And so should we. While we should use others for our own gain. We also should not dim our own light.

The danger of this card is the power of Caesar. He was supported by the masses in Rome. There were two parties. The populares and the Optimates. His move was against the elites. It was a counter to the old senate class. But we all know history. His actions sparked a long civil war. After five years and many deaths he won. But the republic was lost in the process. Named Dictator for Life, Rome was on the road to empire. The shadow of the warrior is this lust for power. While a leader needs to follow his own heart. So will a tyrant.

The path to true leadership is the middle path. We must remain centered. Like the driver in this card. Over the driver’s head is a canopy. It is covered in stars. The heavens are above us and watching our actions. They are there to lend us wisdom. To guide our path. But also a witness to our sins of pride. Pride comes before the fall. In the end Caesar was stabbed in the back in an attempt to save Rome.

What this card is telling in this reading is the time is now. The time to act is now. Don’t hesitate. You probably already know the right action. But like Arjuna you are unsure. But the number seven on this card shows we are aware. We have the knowledge and the skills. In seven days it is said God created the heavens and the earth. Cross the Rubicon. Take courage. But be ware of the story of Phaëton. We have the strength to hold the reins. If we believe in ourselves. And if we don’t we risk losing control.

The chariot in the card is our body in some ways. It is the vehicle we use to move in life. There is an ancient Hebrew teaching known as the Work of the Chariot. It teaches we are sent as messengers of God’s work. We are a part of this deity. Which is what A Course in Miracles means when it says “only love is real.” Our desires can be used to power our lives. Like the sphinxes pull the chariot. But our higher selves must be the driver.

If you honestly don’t know what the path is right now. You feel lost about what is being given to you as a mission. Then meditate. Take a deep breathe or two. The truth will come to you. And if you still think you haven’t made a choice. Flip a coin. While it is in the air listen to your body. It will be hopefully tense about one result or the other. The most exciting part of this card. Is this is our first card of movement. Our journey is take a real step forward. Your journey is taking a step forward today.

The Lovers

Choices are the point of an angle. Paths can take us to very different end. And The Lovers card is about this choice.

The biggest figure in the card is the angel. With a raging hair. This is the arch-angel Raphael. His name has its roots in healing. In the former cards we saw duality. The columns of The High Priestess. And again in The Hierophant. But now there are two people. These two pillars are us. They are our pieces. And the angel is the whole. True healing is about being whole.

The figures on the card are man and woman. Adam and Eve, who faced a choice. To obey or disobey God. They choose to eat the fruit. The tree can be seen behind Eve. Both God and the snake were correct. Eating the fruit brought death. But it also gave them awareness. They now knew what was good and bad. They were kicked out of Eden. But they had never known the paradise. Because all they knew was perfection. Eve was told she would suffer birth pains. And we all suffer those pains. We give birth to ourselves. We join the male and the female inside. And we are born through a painful process. But also one full of joy and growth.

The figures stand naked before the angel and each other. This is a boldness. You cannot enter a healing space unless you are bold. Unless you are open.

Behind the couple is a mountain. Like the tower of Babel it reaches into the sky. This is about how high we can go when we found love. Our oneness both inside and outside.

But this card is about choice. Because we have to choose. Love is a choice. Adam and Eve could not love paradise, because they didn’t choose to be in Eden. It wasn’t until they were removed, they could choose to return. You can’t love a person, if you haven’t chosen the person. If you feel stuck with someone. You will never love them. Even an arranged marriage can be loving. If the partners find a way to make it a choice to be with each other. If we cling to people in fear. Or if we feel we have no other options. This isn’t love.

Adam is looking at Eve. And Eve is looking at the angel. On one level this is about different choices. Adam is choosing to focus on the beauty of this world. Eve is looking at the beauty of the next. If we think about the choices we make every day in life. We can ask ourselves. Are we looking towards the beauty of this world. Or the beauty of the next. The beauty of this world is power and money. In the next world it is only love.

But Adam also represents the conscious mind. It looks to the unconscious – less conscious mind. From it, the conscious mind takes it cues. But the un-conscious or less conscious mind looks to God. Love can enter our passive mind because it is more open. It doesn’t push its will. It listens to the still small voice. The voice of the angel. The voice of healing.

The Lovers is card six. We have met up with a lot of guides. This is the point where what we have learned needs to come back. The power from The Magician. From The High Priestess a deep wisdom. And searching for growth from The Empress. Also an understanding of cycles. The Emperor taught us about being strong. Taking the seat of power in our own lives. But listening to the heart. And the Hierophant showed us tradition. Many have come before us. And we can learn from their paths. With everything we have seen, if we listen and act correctly. We will be on the right path.

The next card in the journey is The Chariot. We may make one choice over the other. But the energy of both go with us. And we need to hold on to both energies. We need to hold the reins and guide them towards a single goal. They are there to serve our dream.

What this card is telling you is a choice is coming. Or maybe you are facing a choice already. Take a moment to reflect with this choice. Understand the point on the map where you are with the choice. And the path of each side of the angle. You must choose the path you want to take for the long term. This is an important choice. Think about what you value. Go back if you must to talk to the priestess, empress, emperor. Or find these people in your own life to give you advice. But when you make a choice. Make a clear choice and stick to it with all your heart.

Above the angel is the sun. Think about how loyal the sun has been all these years. You must find a way to be this loyal to yourself.

The Hierophant

The number 5 is for man. The mediating number. a figure between the worlds. On one side is the spiritual. The other is the physical. Like man The Hierophant is a bridge.
Like the figures we have met already this one sits on a thrown. They sit between two columns. A neutral force in the world. No someone come to lead you. But a friend to guide you.

The Hierophant brings tradition. We met his partner as the High Priestess. Hers was a lone spiritual bond. Finding the truth alone.

With this card we see a shared believe. This is the first card with more than one person. The two monks in the card share a bond. Not just with each other. But a shared set of rituals for connecting with a greater wisdom. Every religion has its own path. You live in your own culture. From it springs a tradition. As well as many customs. These are ideas and lessons sent down through the ages.

In many beliefs a link is needed to set man right with God. The Hierophant is this link. In the east it may be a guru. The wise person who brings you God’s love. For millions this is the Pope in Rome. And we write these guides off to quick at times. The ego wants you to believe you don’t need God. But if it fails, it wants you to believe you don’t need any wisdom but your own. While I believe we can find God on our own. Why stumble in the dark, when someone is offering you the light. The ego wants you to stay in the dark. But the guru is a temporary guide. God’s love is all we need. And once we learn how to open our hearts, we don’t need the teacher. But the teacher will assist us to this point.

Likewise for some a community of believers isn’t valued. But we all struggle with our faith. Whatever ever faith we practice. There are moments when we feel weak. And moments when we are strong. I don’t personally believe in dark forces hunting us down. But I do believe in the weaker forces we carry in our souls. We form teams in sports. We form military units to defend our homelands. A church is a spiritual team. An army of fellow believers to support your soul. And you give your own courage when it is needed.

But the true guru is inside of you. A wise guru doesn’t promote them-self. They promote you. They know the path and they can help you. But they can’t and won’t walk the steps for you. Listen to your heart. Pause in meditation and listen. What does it tell you is the right path. God is love, and so are you. So every breath you take is an expression of love. And when you follow this love it takes you home.

Finding your own path and being a part of a group do not have to be at odds. Though weak gurus have tried to bend fellow travelers to their will. When you listen to your heart you know your truth. If the group you’ve joined doesn’t share this truth. Then find one out there which does. There are many churches. Many faiths. Many names for the same God.

This card is asking us to think about ritual. In some cases it is holding back. In other cases we may gain from a ritual in our lives. And it doesn’t have to be grand. Before bed I write in my journal. This is a ritual. Will not doing it send me to hell. I don’t think this is the case. But it gives a few moments of my life meaning. By making it a ritual it becomes a part of my day. The end product enriches my life. And to be honest I don’t do it every night. But this is okay, true ritual has room for flexing and not breaking.

Do we have a network supporting us? While we can serve love by loving ourselves. Any faith is harder alone. If you can find a group, find one. If you have one to join, do it. This card is telling you to listen to tradition. Not as a force to obey. But as another source of guidance. A community of believers can also be a source of guidance. Many times other people have dealt with the same issues we face. They can share empathy. They can share the steps they took on their path. But the group is not there to tell you where to step. They should be a source of love and not of fear.

If you can’t find the right community. Then going it alone may be the best choice. We are lucky now to live in the internet age. This makes connecting with others much easier.

The word hierophant comes from a Greek word. It relates to the one who brings the light. And the light is love. Remember only love is real.

The Emperor

Where The Empress is mom. The Emperor is dad. Like her he sits on a thrown. But his thrown is very different. It isn’t a seat of comfort. But a seat of firmness.
The large stone seat shows he is grounded. It is his connection to the earth. And to his partner The Empress. The seat he fills is solid, and strong. Like The Emperor himself. Where The Empress led from the heart, he leads from the head. On his head is a golden crown. A reflection of his authority.

The thrown itself is decorated with rams heads. This connects The Emperor to the sign of the ram: Aries. The first sign of the zodiac. This ruler shares an ambition with this sign. It is a drive towards power. Our culture tends to demoralize or idolize such energy. But it isn’t good or bad in itself. For the king who is always hungry for more power. Always seeking new lands to posses. The eternal search for power can be bad.

But as children of God we are not meant to be powerless. When we see our place, we act with grace. We are not meant to be poor and unloved creatures. Yet many of us feel this every day. Regardless of how much money or love we have in our lives. The good emperor knows his connection to the divine. And he knows about true love and wealth. They do not come from outside. He finds his strength from his own heart. From his connection to God. This is where his will to power is rooted.

The Emperor’s robes are red. This reflects both his passion and his heart. As a good ruler he may be lead by the mind. But he listens to his heart.

In his hand is the Ankh. An ancient symbol of death and re-birth. This shows his awareness of his place in the universe. He knows his rule is absolute. But only for a moment in the flow. This flow is also seen in the river behind the thrown. This river is also another connection to the Empress. But also the High Priestess – where the river starts.

The landscape behind him is void. Unlike the land of The Empress. He focuses on the base details. It also shows he is more stern than her. When you fall and scrape your knee, she will kiss it for you. The Emperor will get you back on your feet and get you running again. The best word for this is discipline.

Not everyone had these firm dads. But we can teach ourselves. When you set goals for yourself. You are taking on this role. Doing things on a routine basis to better who you are takes on this role. Like the father in Tool Time. The Emperor is driven. The drive we have inside is this same energy.

But the shadow of The Emperor lurks. Like his partner he may not know when to let go. An excessive need for control can result. And people are pushed away. Or they fail to develop their own powers. As a father he never lets his kids make choices. They do not learn their own lessons. When we are our own fathers, we expect too much. We expect perfection. And we forget we are learning.

We forget to listen to our hearts.

What this card is telling you is to take a seat. Are you to focused on perfection. Or do you need more discipline in your life. Often it is a little of both. We expect to reach our goals and get upset about failure. But we’ve focused too much on the end and not the process. Take a step back and plan. Focus on the day to day, the step by step.

Maybe we feel discouraged. We have fallen. The Emperor is telling us it is time to get back up. You are a child of God. Take a moment to listen to your heart and heal. But then get re-focused and moving.

This card could represent a father, or father figure in your life. Someone may be coming into your life to guide you. Or you may become the father yourself. Are you expecting a child? In either case it is important to keep in mind the proper role of the father. A good father like a good emperor listens to his heart.

The Empress

The Empress is mom. Mother Earth. The primal goddess.

On the card we see a woman on a thrown. It is a rich seat. Not the simple square of the priestess. The Empress enjoys the pleasures of the world. Physical comfort are important.

In front of her we see grain. This connects her to the deities of the past. Ancient mothers like Isis, Venus, Ishtar. Grain is so important to humans. The Empress is the source of grain. The source of life.

At her feet is a shield. We begin to get a hint of something else. With the advent of grain man made more wars. The Empress is a ruler. Not just a mother. Or rather a mother ruler. She is willing to fight to defend what is hers. The shield shows she is prepared for battle. But she doesn’t have a sword. Her intentions are not to conquer, but the defend.

Venus is the goddess we think of relating to love. She arose from the ocean after her father’s penis was cut off. Like Athena she comes to the world fully formed. Male dominated cultures did this to explain older deities. The cults of the goddess are ancient. On the shield of The Empress is the sign of Venus.

But like The Empress Venus was a warrior.

This card has the number three. It isn’t just about the mother. But also the child. The primal third. We are her children. And she is our mother. Our protector and guide.

On her head is a crown. This crown shows her right to rule over her creation. The words mater, material and mother have the same root.

In the background we see evergreen trees. This shows the eternal nature of the life of The Empress. But it also shows her perennial giving. The mother gives all.

And there can be a problem with a mother giving all. A mother who always protects. Because mothers need to let go. Children need to grow. They need to be able to take care of themselves. And to be able to defend themselves. Children need to grow away from mom. And sometimes she makes it hard.

One more shadow side of the card is death. As the giver of life, she gives death. We see this on a narrow scale. But she sees the big picture. Where there is no death. The stream shows the flow of life. It always brings life into the world. And takes it away.

This card can have a range of meaning. Are you the mother? Do you need a mother in your life right now? What is your relationship with your own mother? With the earth? Or your body?

A mother figure may be entering your life. Or you may be taking on a mothering role. Either way remember the blessings of the role. But also take heed of the limits. Mothering has its place. We need the love of our mothers. It supports us as we grow. Gives us courage. It is what we use to believe in ourselves. Before we know how to believe in ourselves.

You may not be mothering a child. It could be a pet. Or a project needing a lot of your attention. And maybe a project you need to let go. Or to share with others. So you aren’t so burdened by the work. It takes a village to raise a child. The mother doesn’t have to go it alone. Unlike The Priestess she has a partner. We meet him next.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess sits on a thrown. But she is not a ruler. The square thrown is the earth. She like The Empress hold the power of earth.
In her hands we see the book of law. But these truths are not given easily. The Priestess makes us work. We must seek and find our own truths. She is only the guide to our own truths. Our own answers.

Her robes are blue and flowing. A connection to water. The element of emotion. And spirituality. A flowing river which cannot be stepped in twice. Truth is like this river. We cannot know the same truth twice. It is changing and flowing. It cannot be caught.

Her crown is the three stages of he moon. The maiden, the mother and the crone. She is connected to life itself. All stages of life. Because truth and wisdom have their own life. Love is life and life is love. Only love is real. We come to this truth is many ways.

On either side of her are two pillars. One is dark and one is light. She sits between the opposites. Like a truth which is neither here nor there. This is reflected in the cross on her chest. Not a Christian cross. It represents the energy of earth rising. And the energy of heaven descending. As humans we stand at the crossroads. We bring down the energy of spirit like The Magician. But also raise the energy of earth.

The two pillars also reflect the two pillars of the tree of life. This tree in Qabalah represents our world. On the one hand is the lighter column. This is the pillar of Mercy. It bears the Hebrew letter Yod. One of the letters of the sacred name of God. The other pillar is the pillar of severity. It contains the Hebrew letter Beth.

She sits between the two. Not as a judge. She has no attachment to either. Which is why she is the perfect vessel for the book of law. Like her the law stands between opposites.

There is a law in this universe. Not the law of man. And not the law much of humanity believes it understands. The law is love. Because love itself is the most non-judgmental. It stands between. It accepts like The High Priestess.

This card is telling you the truth is within you. Stop searching for someone to show you the way. You know the way. Stop looking for someone to open the door to the law. Only you can open the door. Stand between the two paths ahead. Flip a coin and you will know the truth. The answer is not in the coin. But in your heart you will hope for one over the other. Your body will tell you if you listen.

The High Priestess speaks quietly. She is the still soft voice. But her words are deep and true. Listen to your own still soft voice. In the midst of the chaos of this world. They are deep and true. Be still. But vigilant.

There are changes in your life. You’ve seen the changes. Maybe you aren’t happy with these changes. You feel like you aren’t ready. But The High Priestess is telling you to trust yourself. Trust you are ready. You have the tools within you. In the last card the tools were outside of us. Here the law is close to our hearts.

In those hearts we know only love is real. We know the path which is the most loving. And we hesitate. We question and doubt. But time is passing, The High Priestess reminds us. And our fate is in our own hands.

The Magician

The Magician is card one. With this card the trip starts. The Fool is the journey. Or is it ourselves. We meet The Magician at our door step. Like Bilbo Baggins. An adventure awaits. The adventure of life.

The Magician stands solid on the ground. One hand extends to the sky. In it is a wand. The wand is The Magician’s tool. It is the tool used to channel energy. It is used to direct focus. In this case it is directing the energy from the sky. The Magician is drawing down magic. Because the source of all magic is the one. And the strongest magic is love.

The Magician’s other hand points to the ground. The energy coming from the sky. Is sent to the ground. What The Magician does is take unseen energy, and make it seen. The energy of the universe. Is channeled into form. We are all magicians. Because we create this world as a shadow of our will. We make choices. And set up beliefs and ideas about the world. These choices. These ideas and beliefs. They become our world. Where The Magician is different is focus. We fail to focus, and often focus on failure.

The Magician is wearing two garments. The outside is red. A color of passion. Show the world your passion. Be passionate. But underneath the passion keep your pure heart. We see this purity in the white garment worn close to the skin. This is a reminder we are made of love, and will always be love. A purple belt ties the inner garment. This is a reminder of our status as children of God.

On the table are a cup, a sword, a pentacle and a staff. These are the symbols for the four elements. But also for the four suits of the tarot. The Magician gives us all the tools we need. Tools for our emotions, cups. Tools for our mind, swords. Tools for the material realm, pentacles. And tools for our energy, staff. These are all the tools we need. Once we have learned their power. We will be unstoppable. Which is to say, we will no longer stop ourselves. These tools are on the table between the viewer and The Magician. They are a gift given to all of us.

Above The Magician’s head is the symbol of infinity. This is a reminder from where our power comes. And a reminder of its unlimited nature. We are one with God. And God puts no limits on love. The greatest power of all.

Around The Magician are red roses. These are a reflection of the rose from The Fool. It is our senses. They have increased our passion. But also made them more personal. We have lost a purity in our passion. But gain a focus. The rose itself is a symbol for love. But at this point in our journey will still can’t see pure love. So we see our attached love.

The Magician is calling you to explore your power. You have skills you are not using. Tools are available to you. And you let them lay around. The universe is inviting you to grow. It is encouraging you to take your power back. It wants you to be the best you possible. The universe can give you the tools. But it cannot give you the will. You need to take the wand. Focus your mind. Change yourself and your world for the better.

The Magician can transform many things. But the greatest magician transforms themselves. This card is calling for you to take this step. You are being given the magic. And the tools to make a change. End a relationship you have outgrown. Quit a job below your ability. Discover a new skill or talent. Develop an old skill or talent in a new way.

This card is about being born into your life. We are born over and over. And it can be painful. But recall the beauty of a bigger life on the other side. Just do it. Because you are made of love. You will always be love. And you deserve to be your best. The world deserves your best.

The Fool

We are The Fool. We must be or the journey is lost. We enter the adventure blissfully unaware. We enter with out hearts.

The Fool is the first card in the deck. But it is card zero. Because it almost has no home. It floats around every card. The Fool takes us to The Magician. And then to The High Priestess. The journey through the tarot is The Fool’s journey.

In this card we meet our fool. Stepping off a cliff. The figure’s eyes are towards the sky. The Fool is both aware of what is coming, and unaware. Their eyes are on the sky, because their faith is in the path. If you have ever heard: jump and the net will appear. You know the message of the fool.

At the figure’s heal is a small white dog. The dog represents our instincts. They are pure. But they sometimes will be calling us away from the cliff. When we need to go over the cliff. Dogs have long been friends of humanity. And our instincts are our friends. But we are not their slave.

The Fool holds a white rose. This is pure passion. Not only are moving from our hearts. But we are taking the step with a pure passion. Our passion is for life. A passion for growth. Not a passion for death. Away in the distance the cold mountains suggest death. The ice covered slopes showing what becomes of what doesn’t change. Every change in our lives is a step into a new story. A step off a new cliff.

The Fool only carries a small bag on a staff. The tools needed will come along the path. There is so much faith. So much purity of intention in this card.

This card is telling you a change is coming. We will need faith. A leap may be required. It may feel dangerous. But our true hearts know if the path is right. Our pure hearts will guide us. A new love could be entering our lives. It may be the start of a real journey. A new career, or a big change in our current job.

It could also be more simple. A new art project which has meaning of which we aren’t fully aware. Even changes which feel small, are going to have important meanings.

But things will move quick. Open yourself up to risk to be ready. The Fool card always holds a risk. It is Peter learning to walk on the water. You have to be wiling to risk it all for the adventure of your life. Or risk losing your life.

With The Fool anything can happen. Remember only love is real. So the only risk is a risk to our ego.