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Moon for June 7

Today the moon is in Cancer. The watery sign of home. Take time for comfort today. A moment for good food. And time for your heart. Feed yourself. Heal yourself today. Cancer is about the home. Try to find a place where you feel safe. Spend as much time there as you can today.

Early in the morning our safety will be challenged. The planet Pluto will oppose the moon. While the moon is resting in Cancer. A deep power is pulling us outward. From the sign of Capricorn we feel an urge to take a step outside our comfort zone. Today may not be the best day for this step. But it might be. Think about it, you can plan it even if you are not ready today. This is a step which could take you to a different place in your life.

Around noon the moon will square Uranus. The oddball planet wants to slow your energy. The Ram has its own focus. The drive of the mountain goat is success. While the Ram aims for personal goals. It is important to take into account your life mission. What are the goals who’ve had for your life. Are these goals closer today, or further? Take a moment during the pause today. Take a moment to meditate. Be careful of being lead by an impulse. Listen to your heart and your head.

Next comes a sextile with Mercury. The planet of the winged god is in Taurus. Our minds may normally be racing. But today they settle into a calm. On a mental level we don’t feel driven by the Ram. And not driven by the goat. We are more like the bull waiting for the storm to pass under a tree. Don’t get sidelined from the action today. But you can be just as aware without jumping into the mix. This is another pointer to meditate. In the space inside your mind you can find calm. Your passions speak to you. And your emotions speak to you. But you find the truth in the stillness.

The last aspect of the day is the moon trine Mars. This is the ruler of Aries. And its energy will mean a new urge for success. Your heart will leap again to be in action. Mars is retrograde in Scorpio. This in contrast to Pluto. Scorpio is a deep sign. It encourages powerful changes. The energy of Mars is shifted inward. This because it is retrograde. We feel like a change in the world is what we need. But today we need first a change in ourselves. Take a moment to see where you need to grow. What are the weaknesses you can overcome. Pluto is pulling from a deep source. This can be a healing source for the broken parts of our lives. We just need to have the courage to believe in our healing.

At the end of the day the moon enters Leo. Many of the healing moments can be released. Leo is the sign of the artist. So a creative outlet is a strong option. But not all are comfortable enough to create. This is the day we can start to put our plans into action. We begin to create the changes we made over the last few days. If we believe in ourselves we are strong. We are the star of our own lives again. Like when we were children. Leo takes all the process from the past couple days. Takes it and transforms it with fire into art. Turns the pain into healing. And turns the loss into acceptance. If you can’t create, just write. Find any way to express what you feel.

Moon for May, 30

It’s Monday. At the start of the day the moon is in Pisces. We start the day feeling mystical. A little lost if we try to focus too hard. But a little found if we just relax and let go for a moment. Life is so full of moments where we try too hard. Try this morning to let things be a little. And you may find things may be alright none the less.

In the early of the early evening the moon goes void of course. For a couple hours you may feel more rootless. Things done during the void period don’t have firm results. Many have passing effects.

The last aspect of Pisces is the moon and Mars. They form a trine with Mars in Scorpio. Mars is retrograde. We have a strong energy we feel on the inside. We may have less of an outward drive today. Because the trine energy pushes much of our drive inward. Mars is always pushing. But try to not let this energy drive you.

Mercury will dance with Pluto tonight. They form a trine. Mercury is in Taurus. And Pluto is in Capricorn. Mercury brings a settled mind. While Pluto adds a deep focus. If you have had something on your mind. Take a moment at the end of the day to meditate. Focus on the question in your mind. Travel into the question for sometime. You should be able to still the monkey mind. And find a deeper truth and answer.

In the evening the moon will enter Aries. This means a sharp focus could push us forward. Be sure to find a peace of mind before taking action. Aries is such a warrior and a voice for action. But we need to be sure our arrows are aimed true. And the battle we begin is a battle we can win.

Moon for March 5

Today is a day of change.

The moon goes void of course early. The last aspect is a sextile between Mars and the moon. This gives an emotional hint of what is to come today. Mars is still in Scorpio. And is it stirring deep feelings. It is tempting to look to the past. But be in the moment.

In the morning hours Mercury moves into Pisces. This dreamy sign doesn’t boost Mercury. Take a moment to still your mind. You may find it harder to focus on business. But the urge to create comes out of no where. If you can spend some time alone with your mind. Some time to give it the break it needs. You will be able to focus better. But while Mercury moves through the sign of the fish your mind isn’t going to be as clear. If we can relax we may gain insight or see new points of view. We may even learn how to communicate in a new way.

Later in the day Mars enter Sagittarius. This brings lofty ideas into our hearts. This is a political time of year. And many may feel this as a pull to get involved in the process. This can be donating money. Or it can be reaching out to voters. But it could be anything you may have a passion for now. Mars is the ruler of the heart. And the god of war. A hot tempered fool at times. But never one to step aside when things get tough. Find the leader inside you. We all have this skill to some degree. Find your vision and find a creative way to serve.

In addition to other changes the moon enters Aquarius. This sign of quick thought may push your emotions aside. This can be easier for those who feel their minds are slowed by Pisces. But our emotions serve a purpose and need to be understood. They take time and sometimes Aquarius can be in a rush. What we need is the different point of view of Aquarius. Use this side of the sign to understand your emotions in a new way.

Late in the day Saturn will square the sun. If we are moving towards our passion. Or if we are finding a creative outlet. We will need to be aware of our limits. Don’t let what we think we can’t do hold us back. But over reaching can result in a wounded pride. Our ego feels restricted by this square. So it may need more coaching than normal. But at the same time, it will feel more wounded by failure. Saturn is in Sagittarius. This will help expand our vision of what is possible.

Moon for Feb. 28

This is being posted later today, sorry. And there is a lot to cover. The moon is in Scorpio today. A sign connected to death, and the other world. Scorpio rules over the end of the pagan year. It is a deeply internal sign. But also a passionate one. Today our emotions come from a deep place. We feel the power to change. We can change ourselves. And we can change our world. We may find a passion hiding deep inside. Early in the morning there is a conjunction. The sun and Neptune align. This boosts your creative energy. If you have found a new passion. Then you can use this to brainstorm ways to follow it. Neptune is also a deep connection. It is a place where we bond with each other. We find our voice. But a square between the moon and Venus could add a block. There is no good and no bad. We don’t feel social. And maybe we think differently about our values. Venus is in Aquarius. A sign which promotes thinking outside the box. Our new focus may demand new values. Or at least a change in old ones. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. And it forms a sextile with the moon early afternoon. This supports a deep change going on inside our hearts. This is really a day of change, if you allow it to be one. Pluto is the furthest planet – and spends the longest in each sign. It reflects changes we go through as a species, as a planet. And it enables us to make a change to create a better world. Pluto is in Capricorn. A sign which encourages us to play it big. Jupiter is next to the party. This jovial planet is sextile the moon. Expect optimism. But try to stay grounded. Jupiter can give you so much faith you over look important doubts. Or you fail to plan. Believe you can do anything, and then focus on how to get it done. Jupiter can make focus on details hard. The last aspect of the day is moon with Mercury. This square slows your thoughts. At the end of a day where so much has been changing. This can be healthy. We need to slow our minds. Take a moment to look back on the day. Reflect on any changes we made. Or maybe changes we didn’t make. Ask ourselves if we took the right path afterall. Because there is no going back. But tomorrow a new path awaits. Remember only love is real.

Moon for Feb. 26

There is a lot to cover for Friday. The moon first squares Pluto. This could bring mood swings. We feel a lack of flow today. There is a desire to express something deep. But it isn’t easy. And today it could be even harder. Take the time to think. To explore what you feel. Plan what you want to say. Tomorrow the moon will enter Scorpio. A sign which thrives on secrets. The next aspect is a trine with Mercury and the moon. This gives some common sense. We talk freely with those around us. The moon in Libra adds to our social feelings. And for some this will make it hard to not try to express deeper feelings. But today is not the day. This becomes more clear as Uranus opposes the moon. We become unmoored. Emotions could be changing fast. But mostly on the surface. Those who take their time will feel what is true. Those who don’t may get lost. And mislead others. The last aspect is with Uranus and Mercury. They form a sextile in the afternoon. Our minds are racing, If we can get down some of the ideas on paper we can come back to them. But don’t try to hold them too long today.

Moon for Feb. 19

Our hearts open as the sun enters Pisces. The water sign makes us feel close. This is the last sign of the zodiac. And it feels the pull of the next world. Take this time to be still. Listen to the wind. At the cusp of Aquarius we still feel its pull. Pisces is a water sign. Like Cancer and Scorpio. This connects it to emotions. But also to intuition. To a spirit and energy which flows. Like Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius it is mutable. This makes it the most perceptive. Also it changes faster than any other sign. Finally it is a passive sign – versus an active one. All these traits create the image of the sage. Many born under this sign have a feel of wisdom. They have an aura of being old souls. We feel the energy which connects us all today. The moon enters Leo today. This is an expressive sign. A self assertive sign. This creates an interesting mix. The moon in the sign ruled by the sun. And the sun in a water sign with a strong connection to the moon. Our masks may be inside out today. We may show more than we wish, and feel we are putting on a great show. Those who have secrets to hide may see them come out. Avoid acting on an emotional need for attention. Early in the day the moon sextiles Jupiter. This brings a buoyancy to our day. We may feel a strong believe in humanity. But don’t be blind to those rare people who wish to cheat you. This is followed be a trine with Mars. The planet Mars is in Scorpio. A trine between Mars and the moon adds an emotional energy to the day. Mars is ready for action. Restless to lead into a new world. But today is not a day for action. For the moon is void of course most of the day.

Moon for Feb. 1

Today is caucus day in Iowa. And it looks like a good day for Trump – sadly. The moon remains in Scorpio. This brings us deep. If we have open hearts. We go deep into our hearts. Deep into our emotions if we can allow our emotions. Early in the morning Mars conjuncts the moon. We have a passion today. This brings deep energy to the surface. And fuels a hot flame. We feel our hearts beating. Also in the morning Pluto sextiles the moon. A transformation comes into our lives. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. This deep dark planet is our shared power. This could be sexual energy. Or a passion we share with a partner. Push into these connections. Be open to what they may bring you. An aspect with Mercury is next. A sextile with the moon a few hours later. Our minds and hearts align. This is a good time to talk about our passions. Tell someone you are attracted to them. Later in the day Jupiter sextiles the moon. This could bring a moment of luck. It is almost sure to boost your faith. Oh, about Trump. Scorpio could stir up a lot of fears. Trump has run a race on fear. With an alignment with Mars adding anger. Making people crave power. A need for action. These feelings will be easy to express thanks to Mercury. And a caucus is about talking to others. Late in the day Jupiter’s energy may come to late. Trump is a Saturn candidate. Jupiter energy will bring many out of his sway.

Moon for Jan. 31

Today is an active day for the moon. It is half-way to being a new moon. Times of waxing for the moon are times of release. Let go of things. End a job or a relationship. Today the moon is in Scorpio. Early in the day it trines Neptune. Feelings emerge from deep in our mind. The best path for expression will be imagination. Try and take a moment for art today. If we fail to acknowledge these feelings. They can become twisted and more extreme. Every part of ourselves is true. We are made of pure love. There are two things which scare us. The first are lies which need to be released. The second are truths which need to be accepted. Later in the afternoon Venus trines the moon. Have friends over. You may feel a pull towards being social. But don’t let this be an escape. Take time for yourself today as well. Think about the truths of your values. And how true are those truths. In the evening the sun squares the moon. Our ego puts our emotions in check. It is tempting to side with the ego. But if we took a moment with Neptune. We are more likely to side with our emotions. This is in part preparing us for a shock. When Mercury square Uranus. These two planets will shake up our ideas.

Moon for Jan. 30

Today the moon is calm. Not much action until tonight. The moon is void of course all day. You could feel rootless. The moon void of course is not a time for plans. Void of course periods are unconnected times. We may lack direction. This is a good time for focus on ourselves. Also not a good time for shopping. The moon is leaving Libra. But most of the day still feels its power. And Venus is sextile Mercury. Venus is the ruler of Libra. It could be a day for romance. If you have someone, Neptune draws you closer. Its deep emotions bonding you. Neptune was the ruler of the ocean. And Venus was the ruler of the heart. We feel comfortable with our emotions. Those who are single may feel a deep bond with a friend. Or find love hidden before their eyes. Be open to your heart. And you emotions. Moving into Scorpio is a powerful change. Ruled by Pluto. It is the deepest of the signs. It could push our romance deeper. Or a friendship deeper. Or our love for ourselves. Remember only love is real. And there is only one love. Today is a day to relax and feel the love.

Moon for Jan. 5

The moon goes void of course this morning. It remains void until 11 p.m. During this time we feel rootless. The moon void of course makes it hard to focus. Take time to center yourself. And avoid major choices. The moon is coming out of Scorpio. Which means we emerge from a deep space. Take today to rest, focus your mind. Put off until tomorrow what you can. Late tonight the moon enters a new sign. The sign of Sagittarius. This sign is full of big ideas. High hopes and goals. But not always realistic. Stay grounded. Also Mars is square Mercury. This can be a challenge. Your body wants one thing. But your mind wants another. Stay grounded, it will help. But Mercury isn’t done. Early today it enters a new stage. It goes retrograde. Venus has a card to play also. It will square Neptune. Our self-image feels at risk. Again stay grounded. Neptune only offers us an image. It isn’t real. The last aspect of the moon is with Jupiter. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. This gives us hope. It raises our energy. Which is good. But yes, stay grounded. The last aspect of the day is sun and Pluto. They are in conjunction. If we’ve been grounded, and listened. This may bring us to a deep part of ourselves. This is a day of rest.