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U.S. Aims to Put More Pressure on ISIS in Syria – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — The American-led coalition fighting the Islamic State has begun preparing to open a major front in northeastern Syria, aiming to put pressure on Raqqa, the terrorist group’s de facto capital, according to military and administration officials.

Source: U.S. Aims to Put More Pressure on ISIS in Syria – The New York Times

Am I the only one with questions about what is really going on inside Syria? This terrorist group seems to be holding off some major armies pretty good. Doesn’t that strike anyone else as being a little odd?


Migrant crisis: Refugees trudge through Hungary – CNN.com

Hundreds of refugees from the Middle East made the final leg of their trip through Hungary on foot, walking the 4 kilometers to the Austrian border

Source: Migrant crisis: Refugees trudge through Hungary – CNN.com

I got an idea. It may be the only humane and fair way to handle this crisis. Find a relatively un-populated island near Greece. Put together a fund with money from the EU and member countries. Build a large facility to temporarily house and process the migrants. All migrants should then be encouraged to go to this camp. Or be taken to the camp. And countries could send ships to collect the migrants and bring them to their countries.

Yes, I doubt it would work. But right now a huge burden is being taken on by a few countries in Eastern Europe. Countries which lack the resources to really handle the problem. Some of them are putting up fences. I understand why countries would feel the need to protect themselves from the flood of people. But in the end these people will continue to arrive. The best solution is to intercept the migrants before they arrive in Europe.

Debate Day

I watched both debates today and I want to make a quick note about each candidate. Then go to sleep because I am tired.

Jeb Bush: As much as I want to say no because of his family, he did a good job. He isn’t Trump. He isn’t Rand Paul. If he keeps his little engine chugging he might make it to the main election. He did well tonight against Trump.

Ben Carson: I think Carson got into politics and into the race because he is a black man who disagrees with Obama. He sounds like a good man on stage. I admire his desire to avoid attacking other candidates. His great line tonight was about Trump being an “ok doctor.” But I don’t see him as a president.

Chris Christie: Behind Bush in tonight’s debate. He tried too hard. Played the 9/11 card twice. When will the 9/11 card ever get old? Like many on the stage tonight he loses me when he starts to talk about Planned Parenthood and abortion. I wouldn’t disagree with ending funding to Planned Parenthood as much as I disagree with taking away a couple’s right to choose.

Ted Cruz: While he has a fire for what he believes, I firmly disagree with him on too many of the social issues. Immigration, gay marriage and abortion just to name a few. He may be loved by the base, but I don’t see him winning a wide audience. Like someone else in the debate, he may have made his supporters happy and yet gained no ground.

Carly Fiorina: I misspelled her name all night, oops. She got a few good jabs in at Trump. She was the winner of the night. I predict she will get a bump in the polls. Hopefully at the cost of Trump. She was on her game tonight. While I still don’t know if I trust her, I am more open to her nomination than before the debate.

Lindsey Graham: All he could talk about all night was war in the Middle East. And not an air war. But he wants to send men and women to die in the worthless sands of Syria and Iraq. This man shouldn’t be allowed outside his own home. Maybe he needs to be medicated.

Mike Huckabee: I imagine he would make a great pastor. But he isn’t running for Pastor-in-Chief. Though he seems to think he is. I don’t trust him because of his slant towards religious law over secular law. We are a nation of many people’s and many gods. It would be dangerous to drift away from a secular foundation to the nations laws.

Bobby Jindal: He waited too long, he should have jumped into the last election. Sure he would have lost, but it would have set the stage for this election. He did little to stand out in the fracas. I doubt most Americans know him any better after this debate than before.

John Kasich: I’ll be happy when he drops out of this race so I don’t have to look at how to spell his name again. Just another of the pack, he does tack a little more to the center, and I would prefer him to many others on the stage. But, in the end I do not see a path to victory for him.

George Pataki: Playing the 9/11 card. Really. There were no real standout moments in the debate for him. Like Kasich, Fiorina and Jindal, he just didn’t set himself apart from the scrum.

Rand Paul: He is the man I want to see in the Oval Office. However, in tonight’s debate he did little to gain ground. The people who already love him will love the debate. Those who don’t know him or don’t stand with him probably were not wooed.

Marco Rubio: He had a strong night. He needs to keep fighting to stay in the game. He is probably one of the core candidates who will make it through the first primaries. Like Cruz, he has a strong base. He didn’t win me over, and I doubt he won over many other people.

Rick Santorum: A less likable version of Mike Huckabee. In the debate he seemed to have a bad word to say about everyone. I don’t trust him due to his religious believes mixing with his political beliefs. Oh yeah, look up his last name in the Urban Dictionary.

Donald Trump: He would be a bad president. I don’t trust him, I don’t like many of the things he has said during this race. But I haven’t approved of his fowl behavior for years. If he wins the candidacy I would fear for America. But I don’t seem him being the nominee, and I don’t see him defeating a democrat.

Scott Walker: He should have stayed out of the race and just been a hero to conservatives. In some ways he is like Ralph Nader. Who was a hero to progressives. Then he ran for president and lost. And ran again and lost. But, the point is getting into the ring didn’t do anything but tarnish his image. I think Walker is only losing in this bid for president. No one is perfect, but his errors wouldn’t have ever been given the highlight if he hadn’t run. And he doesn’t have a stand on the issues much different than half the other candidates.

Rick Perry: Made the right choice.

I see Huckabee as the next one out, followed by Kasich, Graham, Santorum and Pataki.

My bet is Paul will stay in the fight until the end. But he will sadly lose.

Ann Coulter:  Not a candidate, but apparently went on an epic rant about Jews in America. Was she drunk?

Ok, besides the debate I went to the gym. It is now late. I need sleep. I need to work tomorrow. Goodnight.

Syrian Migrants

I’ve been watching the flood of people coming into Europe from the Middle East. It brings to mind the people movements which ended the Roman Empire.

Like the people coming into Europe now. People groups flooding into the Roman Empire were being pushed by war. Many of today’s Europeans are descendants of those people groups. Today’s Europeans have no right to claim the land.

Native tribes of North America tell stories of having always been on the land. But they weren’t always on the land. Europeans are a mixture of waves upon waves of people groups coming out of Asia and the Middle East. This is just the most recent wave.

The Roman Empire couldn’t stop the influx of people. They could accept them into their borders, or fight the losing battle of keeping them out. In turns the Empire took both paths. I’m not suggesting the Roman Empire wouldn’t have fallen if it had taken a different path with migrants. The Empire fell for many reasons. But like the Roman Empire, Europe can’t stop people from coming.

Today’s Europe is much stronger than the Roman Empire. Not just in military terms but social economic terms. The countries of Europe and the European Union are able to absorb migrants in a way the Empire could not. Europe will be changed by the migrants. But Europe will not be overtaken by these new people. And there is no reason to fear them.

Another great movement of people was from Europe to North America. Again people were fleeing war and poverty. People looking for a new life. America is a quilt of cultures and people. Our descendants migrated time and time again looking for a better life. The people who are leaving the Middle East are seeking the same things. Fleeing the same concerns.

America can only be made stronger by accepting them.